Your logo is not your brand...but a brand is nothing without a logo.

A website is not a sales or a marketing's a trust tool.

Your brand isn't what people think of's what they say about you.

In a world drowning in visual noise, it’s not the loudest voice that’s heard, it’s the clearest. The work done at ImageCo doesn’t scream, it whispers, and when someone whispers people stop talking, lean in, and hang on every word. So if you prefer not to engage in a shouting match with your competitors maybe it’s time to rethink how you engage your customers.

Some work speaks for itself

...our work speaks for our clients

The logo designer you need

We might be a good fit if:

  • You’re logo is dated and you’ve come to realize that it doesn’t represent you very well.
  • You’re launching a new venture and need an image that will attract both investors and customers alike.
  • You tried an online vendor and the results weren’t worth the time you invested in the process.
  • You’re opening a new business and you need some help developing the right visual identity.

The website designer you need?

We might be a good fit if:

  • You built your website in house and it doesn’t have the polish of your competitor’s website.
  • Your site doesn’t load correctly on mobile phones and discovered that Google penalizes for that. 
  • You don’t have a big budget but you still need a quality website that will attract new business.
  • You’ve had to scale back your staff and are looking for an affordable alternative.

The SEO company you need

We might be a good fit if:

  • You tried Google Adwords and the investment didn’t deliver the returns you were hoping for.
  • You used to rank really well but it’s become too time consuming to maintain your position.
  • You suspect your competition isn’t playing fair and you need a more aggressive strategy.
  • You’ve hired an SEO service in the past but they made promises they couldn’t keep.

Brand, Branding, Brand Identity



Brand is both a verb and noun, it is an identifying mark and the act of marking something so that it can be identified, its origin comes from the mark burned onto livestock to designate ownership. Today a brand signifies pretty much anything with a motive, whether it be profit or politics, a brand is an intrinsic aspect of defining the value of something in the consumers mind.


Branding communicates a message about something and builds an expectation and a visual image about the value of that thing. Branding is a strategic popularity contest aimed at a target audience, it’s goal is to create an image that the audience will identify with.

Brand Image

A brand image is an image planted and nurtured by advertising, marketing and identity design. When someone says the names Ferrari or Corvette what we think of is their brand image, it’s an image that exists in our minds. That image isn’t an image of a vehicle with 4 wheels that can transport us from point A to point B, the image we have (or at least I have) is of speed, beauty, of something dangerous, and exotic. That is brand image and brand image is what makes people buy those products. Brand image is why people buy most things, Ford  or Chevy, Democrats or Republicans…all driven by brand images that we can identify with.

Branding Firms

If you look back at the origin of most branding firms you’ll find that they are often rebranded marketing firms. When someone says they are in marketing most people will likely have a preconceived notion about what they do. But when someone says “I’m in branding”…it just sounds more impressive, perhaps it’s because most people don’t know what it means to be in branding so it has a bit mystery about it.

Branding is kind of like marketing and advertising’s sexy sister, they are all from the same family, the difference being that marketing and advertising are about making a promise and branding’s goal is to deliver on that promise.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is an inclusive term that describes the visual elements of a product or company that influences perceptions. This primarily includes the name, the logo, the packaging, the colors used, but can also include sound, lighting, texture, signage, really anything that can be seen, felt, or heard are part of a brand identity.

Brand Identity Designer

A brand identity designer is a designer that specializes in a type of visual design that helps shape the perception of a company, a product, or an organization. Brand identity designers create logo designs, sign designs, packaging and collateral material such as business cards, stationery, brochures and websites. The essential role of a brand identity designer is to develop visual cues and an emotional tone with the goal of influencing actions, outcomes, and perceptions.


The best thing about working with ImageCo is that Tim, immediately grasps all the subtleties of a company’s brand identity…he gets it, and that makes working with him a pleasure.

Sal Deluca - Shades Unlimited

Tim created the perfect brand identity design for us and I feel fortunate that we found him. Not only is he an honest, ethical and a straight-arrow businessman, he was a total pleasure to work with.

Chris Heidkamp - 800PhoneUSA

The result is a design and writing that possess clarity, simplicity, and beauty. Tim’s assets are many, but his work embodies a rare combination of technical ability and artistic sensibility.

Mike Neer - Veda Communications

I have worked with Tim on multiple projects, primarily because he possesses a great sense of which concepts will work and the tact to explain why others won’t.

Peter Columbus - Columbus Advertising


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