ImageCo is

ImageCo is the independent brand identity and website design firm of Tim Garner. Working closely with my clients I help them bring to life compelling brand stories that inform their audience about who they are, what they offer, and why they are the best at what they do.

I am more than what I do

When someone asks me what I do for a living I generally just tell them I’m a graphic designer or a commercial artist because if I told them what I actually did for a living or even it would turn into a much longer conversation than either of us are prepared for. So, while I do a lot of graphic design for my clients it’s not a very apt description of what I do. In essence, what I do is help businesses clarify what they want to achieve, define how they want to be perceived and then provide them the tools they need to create a compelling brand story, which in turn leads to creating new business opportunities. 

I am the sum of my experience

 Bridgette and her boy Tim.

I was raised in a small town in Nebraska and have always had an aptitude for art. I originally attended college with a fine art major but switched to commercial art when I realized that I would likely starve as a fine artist. In my journey to my present career I’ve worked in several industries: I’ve de-tasseled corn (a Midwest thing), I worked as a gas station attendant, I was a high-rise window cleaner, a bartender, a waiter, I designed t-shirts, I was an electrical sign designer, a sign salesman, a web designer, an illustrator, and way back before the internet was a thing I was a paperboy. All of these things have either led me or pushed me into my present career and while I wouldn’t really want to do most of them again, I don’t regret a single one of them.

I’m passionate about my work and feel that I am incredibly fortunate that I can get up every day and do something that I truly enjoy. I also consider myself one of the lucky few that were able to realize the dream of growing up and doing pretty much what they wanted to do when they were children.

My journey

I believe failures are just as important as successes, and if success is a ladder, failure is the pathway that leads to that ladder. Things haven’t always gone my way, I’ve seen my share of tragedy and I’ve experienced my share of pain and loss, personally and professionally. But in the scheme of things, I know I’m pretty lucky, in fact, Lucky is the nickname my father gave me the day I was born, and while I don’t always feel it, I am an eternal optimist and regardless of what life hands me I always feel confident that better things are waiting around the next corner.

I believe

I’m spiritual, I’m political and I’m loaded with opinions but I believe those things are private and have no business coming to work with me. I believe life is a journey, not a race, and that we all share the same road, and letting the other guy merge is almost always the right thing to do. I believe that experience, my parents and my children are the best teachers I’ve ever had.

The best part of me...