About ImageCo

ImageCo is the independent branding and design agency of Tim Garner, a branding specialist based in Seattle and operating globally for nearly two decades. ImageCo provides branding and creative services to businesses, organizations and individuals in a myriad of industries. We are uniquely positioned in the branding and design market because the primary focus of ImageCo is on brand identity design which for many creative agencies is something that is often treated as more of a value added service. Whereas ImageCo approaches all creative projects with a brand centric viewpoint and even though we are often hired to create websites and collateral material that fall outside the scope of brand identity design we never lose sight of the fact that the work we do is fundamental in the long term branding strategy for every organization we serve.

Since our inception in 2001 ImageCo has built a reputation for creating brand identities that are original, personal, and function equally in all types of visual branding. What sets an ImageCo brand identity design apart is that each of our designs convey not only the emotional resonance of the organization they represent but they do so in every branding scenario possible. Whether it be in the form of an electrical sign, a television commercial, a brochure, a billboard, or a business card, an ImageCo brand identity design will be understood, recognized, and easily remembered regardless of the media channel it’s presented through.

ImageCo brands businesses of all types and sizes, from restaurants, to retailers, to fortune 500 companies. We work with startups, solopreneurs, and organizations that are just starting out and help them develop a memorable visual identity that will help them define their brand image as they grow. We also work with established businesses that are going through a rebranding process and need assistance refining their image as they transition to their new brand identity.

My first of many hats.
First hat…first friend

Being the the sole employee of ImageCo I tend to wear a number of hats which often include the role of copywriter, web developer, business strategist, graphic designer, and logo designer. Since founding ImageCo I have personally worked with over 700 businesses so I can often bring a sense of clarity to what can be a confusing and overwhelming process that many new entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with.

My expertise in brand identity design was refined early on in my career as an electrical sign designer, which eventually transitioned into a business development role in the sign industry. I left the sign industry and took a hiatus to focus on learning web design and eventually went out on my own and started a branding and web design business. I’ve been providing those same creative services and more to businesses for nearly 20 years.

As an independent designer, I fall somewhere between an agency and a freelancer. I have a more focused field of expertise than most freelancers do and my services are similar in scope to that of a branding agency. Since I don’t have a staff like a large agency I tend to be be more accessible and more adaptable to my client’s needs, and when the need arises I rely on a trusted network of other independent designers to come to the rescue when I find myself getting spread too thin or when a client has a need for a service that falls outside of my wheelhouse.


The best thing about working with ImageCo is that Tim, immediately grasps all the subtleties of a company’s brand identity…he gets it, and that makes working with him a pleasure.

Sal Deluca - Shades Unlimited

Tim created the perfect brand identity design for us and I feel fortunate that we found him. Not only is he an honest, ethical and a straight-arrow businessman, he was a total pleasure to work with.

Chris Heidkamp - 800PhoneUSA

The result is a design and writing that possess clarity, simplicity, and beauty. Tim’s assets are many, but his work embodies a rare combination of technical ability and artistic sensibility.

Mike Neer - Veda Communications

I have worked with Tim on multiple projects, primarily because he possesses a great sense of which concepts will work and the tact to explain why others won’t.

Peter Columbus - Columbus Advertising