ImageCo is

ImageCo is not an advertising agency, a branding agency, or a design agency, actually we’re not an agency at all, we aren’t even a we. ImageCo is just me, Tim Garner, and I am an independent branding specialist with a focus on identity design, and I work with businesses of all types and sizes, from restaurants to retailers, and startups to fortune 500 companies.


I work with organizations that are just starting out and help them develop a memorable visual identity that will help them establish their brand identity. I also work with established businesses that are going through a re-branding process and need assistance refining their image as they make the transition towards a new brand.


I wear a number of hats that include the role of identity designer, copywriter, web developer, business strategist, graphic designer, and in many cases, I bring clarity to an often confusing and overwhelming process that many new entrepreneurs are unprepared for.


I began my career in branding as an electrical sign designer which eventually transitioned into a business development role in the sign industry. I left the sign industry and educated myself to become a web designer and eventually went out on my own and started a business as a brand identity designer and as a web designer and I’ve been working independently as a branding specialist and marketing designer for nearly two decades.


As an independent designer, I fall somewhere between an agency and a freelancer. I have a more focused field of expertise than most freelancers do and my services are similar in scope to that of a full-service agency, although I have a much lower overhead than an agency so I tend to be a tad more affordable than a an agency with a staff larger than one. I don’t have the staff of an agency so sometimes I do rely on a trusted network of other independent designers to come to the rescue when I find myself getting spread to thin

On a personal note...

I believe failures are just as important as successes, and if success is a ladder, failure is the pathway that leads to that ladder. Things haven’t always gone my way, I’ve seen my share of tragedy and I’ve experienced my share of pain and loss, personally and professionally. But in the scheme of things, I know I’m pretty lucky, in fact, Lucky is the nickname my father gave me the day I was born, and while I don’t always feel it (like during a pandemic), I am an eternal optimist and regardless of what life hands me I always feel confident that better things are always waiting right around the next corner.

I’m spiritual, I’m political and I’m loaded with opinions but I think those things are private and have no business coming to work with me. I believe life is a journey, not a race, and that we all share the same road, and letting the other guy merge is almost always the right thing to do. I believe that experience, my parents and my children are the best teachers I’ve ever had.