What your logo is telling me about you?

Logos have much in common with tattoos...

So, you’re starting a new business and you need a logo, you want it to be cool, or cute, or tech, or sexy, or trendy (don’t), or any other adjective that describes how you want to be perceived or how you perceive yourself. But is that really a message that will engage your customers, or will it even serve your business interests in the long run?

Logos are like tattoos in that they are something you should be able to keep for the life of your business, but just like people, businesses change, they mature, they expand their interests, their focus and their market will change over time. How you perceive your business today is likely not going to be the same perception you have in 5 or 10 years.

...neither belong on your face!

People tend to get tattoos so they can express themselves to the world around them, they are often making a statement about who they are, what they believe and especially how they want to be perceived. Logos have the potential to do the same for a company, and like a tattoo they will carry a message about who you are and what you stand for, and for better or for worse, and just like a tattoo, people will draw conclusions about you from your logo.

Before you sign off on a logo design, you should ask yourself if your logo represents the conclusion you want people to draw about your business, or does it reflect how you want people to perceive your business? Why this matters is because conclusions and perceptions are quite different from one another, a conclusion is something we arrive at, it is an ending, its purpose is to bring closure. However, a perception is an invitation, it peaks are interest and engages us, it puts us on a path to learn more. Is your logo sending the right message about who you are? Is it inviting the right people to get to know you or does it draw a conclusion which creates a barrier that has to surmounted before they can discover who you really are and what you have to offer?

Much like a tattoo, a logo is personal and should reflect the personality of the company it represents, but it shouldn’t do so at the expense of the client. A logo has to fit your business but it has to do so in a way that it will also engage potential clients. A logo must strike the right balance to be appealing to both the client and the business it represents because ultimately, it’s purpose shouldn’t be about informing people who you are or what you are about, it should serve as an invitation that will encourage people to get to know you.

Romney logo face tattoo...oops
Face tattoos…never a good branding decision.

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