not all business is good business

For me the hardest part of running a business isn’t getting customers, it’s getting the right customers. I do all of my marketing on the web so everybody that sees my website is a potential customer. I rarely meet people face-to-face so I have to rely on certain tells a customer provides via email or […]

I Need To Interview A Designer

I’m occasionally contacted by a student who’s been given an assignment by their instructor to interview a working designer. The last email I received reads: I am a graphic design student at Duke University and as an assignment, we need to “interview” a designer. I was wondering if you might take the time to answer […]

Anyone Can Design A Logo

Unlike many professions being  a logo designer is often viewed as a job that, short of a few computer skills, is something many people think they are qualified to do. The truth is designing logos is a niche skill that most designers aren’t very good at because it isn’t just a case of understanding what […]

Screwdrivers Make Crappy Hammers

I get a lot of quote requests from people that have already figured out exactly what they want for a logo, they just need someone to design it for them. Occasionally people will come up with a really good idea but more often than not their ideas are just too literal, and sometimes they are so […]

Playing It Safe in Uncertain Times

Since the pandemic hit I’ve had a number of customers decide to postpone their projects because they felt that they needed to cut costs and play it safe until things got back to normal. But saying you plan on playing it safe by abandoning your business marketing in an economy that is completely upside down […]

{usa1(city_name)} logo designer

Memorable Logos That Tell Stories and Connect With People Emotionally {Creating|Developing|Designing|Crafting} a brand identity or {a logo|a logo design|a business logo|a custom logo design} that is both {memorable|unforgettable} and {tells|expresses} the story {of|about} who you are or what you {do|actually do} is {a monumental|a significant|a massive|a herculean} {task|job|undertaking|endeavor}. The {challenge|difficulty} is to {make|create|produce|generate|come up with} […]