what IMAGECO clients HAVE TO say

The best thing about working with ImageCo is that Tim, immediately grasps all the subtleties of a company’s brand identity – the feeling, the client image, the color, the shape, the ease of use in different print or web conditions – and then he easily and quickly translates that into an outstanding piece of art that works on many levels. He gets it, and that makes working with him a pleasure.

Veda Communications

Mike Neer – Owner
Fresno, California

It’s difficult to overstate the excellent guidance and timely products that Tim has provided to me and my consultant business. Tim possesses tremendous knowledge of the field and offers very insightful advice in a genuinely friendly and upbeat fashion. He helped me rationalize an appropriate business name. He was appropriately brutal with my suggested logos and himself designed a fantastic logo. He generated a great starter, small-scale website. One year later, I went back to Tim to construct a far bigger website. He produced a gem in WP that, best of all, he has set me up to tweak. Initially, I projected his SEO mantra to my dogs quest for food but have since become convinced of its importance. I have enjoyed working with Tim and, whether or not he knows it, he has become an important asset to my business with whom I hope to continue working.


Dr. Michael Prentice – Principal
Montague, Massachusetts

We had been working with another design firm, but after two frustrating weeks, we gave up on them and decided to look elsewhere. With a rapidly approaching deadline, we hired ImageCo. They made our project a priority and managed to create a visual identity that our team liked in just a few days.  They were great! With some – slight – modifications to their original concept we were ready to go. ImageCo’s design was fantastic and it captured the ‘personality’ of our product with their first design. We would definitely hire ImageCo again!


Fred Hawkins – CEO
Villanova, Pennsylvania

ImageCo was a real pleasure to work with on the brand identity for my TechXcite program. He provided several initial design concepts that my team and I considered. Then, through a series of iterations, we arrived at the final identity design, which we are very happy with.

Duke University

Gary Ybarra – Director of Undergraduate Studies
Raleigh, North Carolina

Tim created the perfect brand identity design for us and I feel fortunate that we found him. Not only is he an honest, ethical and a straight-arrow businessman, he was a total pleasure to work with. We worked with some other designers on this but didn’t like any of the logo designs they came up with. We ended up going with Tim’s very first presentation and couldn’t be happier. We liked his work on the logo design so much that we also had him do our website! We love that too.


Chris Heidkamp – Owner
Phoenix, Arizona

The first time I worked with Tim, I was looking for someone to design a client’s site. As head of a small advertising agency, I had a client with strong ideas of what they wanted. Tim did an exceptional job of interpreting their needs and created a site that is pleasing to visit and highly functional. I have worked with Tim on multiple projects, primarily because he possesses a great sense of which concepts will work and the tact to explain why others won’t.

Columbus Advertising

Peter Columbus – President
Torrance, California

After having dealt with other logo companies and always coming up short, finding Tim’s site and our subsequent dealings with him produced a result that exceeded all our expectations. With his simple but not simplistic design, complex but not complicated style, the logo is just simply radical. When you find the best, there is no need to go anywhere else. The logo has garnered many compliments and much business over the years. I still love it as much as I did when we first acquired it. With the next generation starting up a new business, it is only fitting to refer my son to Tim for a logo that will carry on the tradition of beauty and true craftsmanship for the world to enjoy.

Thury Construction Services

Steve and Gilda Thury – Owners
arlington, south dakota

We came to ImageCo to help guide us through the process of creating a new business identity and website for our custom window treatment company. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience. The result is a design and writing that possess clarity, simplicity, and beauty. Tim’s assets are many, but his work embodies a rare combination of technical ability and artistic sensibility.

Shades Unlimited

Sal Deluca – Director of Marketing
Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania

Tim at ImageCo was fantastic to work with! The creativity demonstrated in our logo design has given me the ability to effectively brand my business in both our advertising as well as the sign on the front of our building.  I would certainly consult with Tim on future projects.

Body Quest Pilates

Mirea Pineda – Owner
Phoenix, Arizona

I cannot recommend ImageCo highly enough, Tim is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to business branding and we couldn’t be happier with our logo and the rest of the marketing material he designed for us. Tim has great business sense when it comes to design and hiring him to do our branding and then bringing him on later to help us market our business has really paid off. He has real passion for his work and that passion show’s in the impact it’s made for us in landing new clients.

Pacific Weather Consulting

tim creek – Owner

Tim at ImageCo helped us create a clean, cool, hip image for our company. He nailed it dead on! After working with Tim I would recommend his company to anyone looking for great design work at a reasonable price. ImageCo understands branding in today’s competitive marketplace and we at Digital Eye Research will continue to use ImageCo for all of our future branding and advertising needs.

Digital Eye Research

Tony Galeassi – PRESIDENT
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Oh my god Tim, the web site and logo are beautiful! I’m blown away by what you’ve done so far. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning right now. I love how the title morphs into a header as you scroll down. It’s so smooth it took me a minute to realize it was occurring. Very cool. The graphics, pictures and animations are just clean and beautiful. You have a rare talent and I I’m so glad I found you. Fantastic job!


Ted McElroy – Owner
Junction City, Oregon

It is not often that I will lend my name to endorse another as I do not take the matter lightly. However, in the case of Tim Garner at ImageCo, I would be remiss if I did not extend my compliments to him for the excellent work that he has done for me. Tim is wonderfully creative and practical with his designs. He was a quick study on my interests and needs. Moreover, he was prompt and responsive at every turn. From initial design to updates years later, Tim was spot on! And, he’s a joy to talk to. I highly recommend him.

Advanced Leadership Solutions

Kenneth M. Baylor – Principal
Sarasota, Florida