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What We Do?

Have you ever noticed that when websites ask the “What we do?” question they tend to answer it by telling you exactly what they are selling? It’s a question that is both leading and telling and when most companies answer their own hypothetical questions they tend to go about it in a way that assumes they know exactly what you are buying.

It’s been our experience that people tend not to buy what they are shopping for, they almost always buy solutions to problems and they often don’t even know what the problem is. So while you may have landed here because you are shopping for a logo or a website chances are what you really looking for is a solution to a problem that you think can be addressed by improving your image or clarifying your message.

What we don’t do?

We don’t make assumptions about our site visitors and then provide a list of random services in the off chance that they know exactly what they need to solve their problems. Sure we do websites, and logos, and branding, and packaging, and advertising, and a whole range of other design services but until we know exactly what your problem is we won’t make any assumptions on how to solve that problem.

Where does it hurt?

We may not be doctors but we are specialists in our own right and if you’re here chances are you know you have a problem that is outside your scope of your expertise. So just tell us where it hurts and what you think will make the pain go away. Is business down, is Google treating you unfairly, did you make the mistake of having a family member design your logo or your website, or did you try crowd-sourcing only to realize that crowds aren’t any better at design than certain members of your family claim to be?

What We've Done


It's not just the story you tell, it's the story people come to believe.

Logo Design

A brand is more than your logo, but a logo is the face of your brand

Web Design

Every website tells a story, here are a few ImageCo helped tell.