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Why You Should (or shouldn't) Hire Me

I'm {Smart|Clever|Intelligent|Resourceful|Crafty}

I'm not {a big fan|a fan} of {braggarts|blowhards}, but if you have the {skills|skill-sets|talents|abilities} {businesses|people} {are looking for|need|require}, you do yourself and your {customers|clients|potential clients} {a big|a huge|a substantial|a great|a considerable} {disservice|injustice} by not letting them {know|realize} what you can do for them.

I'm {Affordable|Very affordable|Competitive|Reasonable|Cost-effective|A Good value}

Like {a lot of|most|many} people I {wasn't|was not (brought up|raised} {in a wealthy family|in a family of means|in a wealthy community}, {so|but} I learned how to stretch {a buck}dollar. If you have {a tight|a limited|a small|a meager|a low|a lower} {budget|budget plan} {I'm|I am} your {guy|man|answer|solution}. I do {great|excellent} work for my {clients|customers}, {usually|typically} for {much less|a lot less|even less} than they {expect|anticipate}.

I {when|how|where} cut corners

Did I mention I was affordable? That was {probably|most likely|undoubtedly|very likely} {an understatement|an exaggeration}, {I'm|I am} a bona fide {cheapskate|penny pincher|tightwad} and if I can {get|attain} {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent|exceptional|awesome|outstanding} {results|outcomes|end results} without reinventing the wheel every time, we {all|both} {win|gain|succeed}.

I {Got|Have} This

I'm not {a beginner|a novice|an amateur|new to this}, {I have|I've} been helping build businesses since the '90s and I've {built|developed|created|designed} {countless|hundreds} of {business websites|company websites|website} and have branded even more businesses. I've got this down.

(city1} Website Design

Every {webdesign|web design} {firm|company|agency|business|service provider} {seems|tends} to have {a system|a process|a technique|a procedure|a structure|a routine}, or a 10 step {process|procedure|method|system}, mood boxes, flow charts, and workshops {that|which} they {use|utilize|employ} to get to where they {need|desire|wish} to be before pen hits paper and the {work|project|design|labor|undertaking} {begins|commences}. My system is a little more {streamlined|efficient}, it {involves|includes|consists of} {a few|a number of|several} questions {so|so that} I can get an idea of what you {think|believe} you {want|really want|would like} and what you {hope|wish} to accomplish. What {kind|type|sorts} of {content|web content} you have to {work|do the job} with, or what we need to {create|produce|develop|generate|put together} before we can get {rolling|started}.

One {thing|aspect} {I’ve|I Have} {discovered|figured out} after {designing|developing|creating|producing} hundreds of {websites|sites|web sites|business websites} is {that|the fact that} {everybody|everyone|every one of us|all of us} needs {a guiding|a helping} hand {because|given that} no matter what {path|course|pathway} you map out to {take you from|get you from} {point A to point B|A to Z} when all is said and done, where a project ends up is {rarely|seldom|hardly ever} what was {planned|intended} and {usually|almost never|not even|rarely} what the customer {anticipated|expected}. Design, especially {webdesign|web design}, is {an iterative|a continual} process that {requires|calls for|necessitates|involves} quite a lot of back and forth, and that’s {especially|particularly} true if {you are|you’re} just {beginning|starting out|opening} a business for the {first time|very first time} or if you’re a {solo|one} {person|employee} {company|business|organization|enterprise}. {Creating|Developing} {content|material|web content} {yourself|on your own|by yourself}, {refining|fine-tuning|honing} your {message|story}, {explaining|describing|detailing} why you are the {best|absolute best} at what you do is {hard|difficult|tough|challenging|tricky|not easy} to do {because|due to the fact that} when people write about themselves they {tend|have a tendency|often tend|are likely} to lack {objectivity|objectiveness}.

I’m not immune to this phenomenon, regardless of how well I can advise my clients it’s always a struggle to accomplish this for myself. What seems to happen is that people project what they think is going to impress customers into hiring them is that nobody gives a flip about what you think is impressive or interesting and nobody cares if you are fascinating, they only care about how you can solve their problem and improve their life.

Smiles by Design

I was {originally|initially|formerly} {hired|employed|contracted|recruited|enlisted|retained} by Dr. Rahaim {several|a number of|many|a number} years {ago|back|earlier} {to|in order to} {design|create} his {logo|logo design|business logo} when he {opened|established|started|launched|began} his {first|very first|original} {practice|office}, BayView Orthodontics. When {he|Dr. Rahaim} {decided|made a decision} to {open|open up|start|launch} {another|an additional|a different} practice he brought me in to {design|develop|create} his new {website|web site|business website}.

For his {original|initial} website, {he|Dr. Rahaim} {hired|employed|chose|selected|enlisted the services of|contracted} a well-known web design {company|firm|agency} {that|which|who} specialized in {designing|developing|creating} {websites|business websites} for {dentists|dental professionals|dental practitioners|dental offices|dentist offices}, {eventually|at some point|in due course}, Dr. Rahaim came to {realize|recognize|understand|notice} that {they|these guys} {didn’t|did not} {produce|create} the {level|degree} of quality he was {looking|searching|hoping} for, {and|plus} their {monthly|month-to-month} {fees|charges|costs|rates|prices} {were|were really} {exorbitant|expensive|overpriced|unwarranted|too high|excessive}. I {discovered|found out} that {every|every single|each and every|virtually every|almost every|just about every|pretty much every|just about every single|nearly every} {website|web site} {they|these people} did {was|was actually} theme based and they {reused|recycled} the same exact {content|web content|text} which was used on over 5000 other {websites|sites} {which|which in turn} {absolutely|completely} {killed|destroyed|poisoned} every one of those {websites|web sites} {chances|odds} of ever showing up in any organic {search results|searches}.

For Smiles by Design {all| all of the} the {content| web content} was {completely| thoroughly} unique, {photos| pictures}, graphics, and content were all {created| produced| developed| generated} {specifically| exclusively} for his new website. The {end result| final result} was a one of a kind dental website that stands apart from the {dental| orthodontic} industry standard use of template based web sites and {marketing| advertising| advertising and marketing} copy that is reused ad infinitum.

The {new| brand-new} Smiles by Design {website| business website} {design| concept} was {done| carried out| executed} with the same level of {care| service} and {professionalism| professionalism and trust| expertise} that Dr. Rahaim brings to every {person| patient} that has the {privilege| opportunity| chance} of being his {patient| client}.


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Alta Transportation

When Alta transportation {first|initially} went into business in Napa Valley they reached out to ImageCo to {help|assist|aid} them in branding their {new|all new} {company|business} with {a new|a brand-new|a brand new|an all new|a unique} {logo|business logo} and {website|business website} to introduce and position themselves as {a luxury|a high-end|an upscale} transportation service {company|provider|business}.

{Originally|Initially} {began|started} as a limousine {rental|accommodation} service their {business|company|organization} model {transitioned|changed|evolved} over time to {focus|concentrate} more on wine country {tours|trips|excursions|scenic tours}. When they {reached out to|connected with} {ImageCo|me} in early 2019 they were {ready|set} to develop an online {image|identity} that would {help|serve to help} convey the new {direction|path} their {business|company|organization} had {taken|chosen}.

It {was|was really} {a great|a terrific|an excellent} opportunity to put my {talents|skills} to work and I took it to heart to {develop|create} {an entirely|a thoroughly} {new|fresh} {approach|strategy} to how Alta presented themselves on the {web|internet} and instead of {highlighting|emphasizing} them as {just|merely} {another|one more} Napa Valley limousine rental company, I refocused the {imagery|visuals} to {put|placed} the {emphasis|focus} on adventure, romance, and friendship.

I also {wrote|created} two new slogans to help {define|characterize} and {promote|market} them as the {experts|professionals|specialists} in guided winery and vineyard tours in the {entire|whole} Napa Valley.

“Taste The Experience” and “Our Business is Your Pleasure”

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{city1} {website|web|web site} {design|development} for a {city1} limousine {rental|transportation|driver} service for tourists and {companies|businesses} corporate sponsors.

{city1} {website|web|web site} {design|development} for a {city1} {non|not for} a {men's|mens|mans} {homeless shelter|food bank|soup kitchen|shelter|traveling shelter}.

Congregations for the Homeless

CFH is {a great|a terrific} {example|illustration} of {how|exactly how} the work of {a few|a couple} {can|can easily} {have|provide} such {a lasting|a long lasting|an enduring|a long term} impact on the well being of {a community|a society|a city}. CFH {first|initially} {opened|opened up} their doors to {homeless|displaced} {men|individuals|people|adult males} in 1993 when {a small|a modest} group of {people|individuals} took it upon themselves to {help|assist|aid} an underserved {segment|section|portion} of the {population|community|residents} by {providing|offering|supplying|giving} food and {shelter|refuge} to {men|individuals} in need.

{Since|Ever since} their {founding|beginning}, the Congregations for the Homeless {charity|charitable organization} has {helped|assisted} over 175 men find {permanent|long-term|lasting|long term} housing.

CFH is now working on {developing|establishing|building|getting} a permanent men’s shelter on the Eastside. I’ve been working with the {staff|personnel} of CFH in {an ongoing|an on-going|a continual} {role|function} {to|in order to} {help|assist} them {secure|obtain} {more|additional} {funding|funds} to {make|create} a permanent men’s shelter a reality. If you ‘d like to {contribute|chip in|donate} to this {worthy|deserving|worthwhile|excellent} cause you can find {a donation|a contribution} button on their {website|site|web site}.

Visit Website:

* pro bono project

Hadaway Consulting & Engineering

An established {expert|specialist} in the oil and gas industry, Hadaway Engineering is {a small|a relatively small} independent {business|company|small business|operation|organization} that is {thriving|flourishing|prospering|succeeding} in an industry that is {dominated|reigned over} by {massive|immense|imposing} {players|corporations} the likes of Exxon and Philips.

Hadaway first {contracted|hired|enlisted} ImageCo {a decade|a 10 years} {ago|back} to {develop|create|build} their {first|very first} {website|web site} and {also|in addition} {create|produce|design} a new {logo|brand identity|logo design} for them that was used to brand their website and the rest of their {marketing|advertising and marketing} materials.

When it came time for {an update|an upgrade} they {reached out|connected with} to ImageCo again and we {exceeded|went beyond|went above and beyond} their expectations and {delivered|provided|produced|created} a website that {captures|catches} the {independent|individualistic} {nature|character} of their {business|company} and positions them as the industry {experts|professionals} that {they|these guys|these individuals} are.

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This project is {a great|an excellent} {example|illustration} of {how|just how|precisely how} {a small|a little|a smaller} {two|2} person {company|business|outfit} {can|can easily} {compete with|compete against|challenge} {the status quo|industry giants|the big players}. Lenalysis is a start-up actuarial and {financial|finance} {services|solutions} {firm|company|business|provider} that competes in an industry that is dominated by large actuarial firms, the {largest|biggest} being {a company|a business|an organization|a corporation} with over 30,000 {employees|workers|people} {located|established} in 24 countries.

It helps to be brilliant at what you do, and these {guys|folks} are, but it also {helps|really helps} to look just as {capable|qualified|skilled} and {refined|honed} as the multi-national {companies|organizations|corporations|establishments} that you’re competing {with|against}.

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{city1} Logo Design

For every type of {business|company|enterprise|industry} you can {imagine|picture|think of|envision|conceive of}.
{city1} area {restaurant|dining establishment|diner|cafe|pizzeria|cafeteria|grill} logo design and sign design project
{city1} logo design services for {city1} small businesses
{city1} logo design and website design project
{city1} {doctors|medical professional|physicians} logo design and {branding|signage|web design} project

{city1} financial {adviser|consultant|planner} logo design and web design project

{city1} {{importer|international merchant}|{retailer|merchant}|{luggage|baggage|travel luggage}|{musician|entertainer|guitarist}} {adviser|consultant|agent} logo design and {{branding|label}|{packaging|product packaging}|{advertising|marketing|advertising and marketing}} {project|job|venture|assignment}
{city1} area {restaurant|dining establishment|diner|cafe|pizzeria|cafeteria|grill} logo design and sign design project
{city1} {cellular|mobile|cell|wireless} {{retailer|seller|merchant|store|shop|retail merchant}|store|service} logo design website {design|development}, and sign design project
{city1} {book {publisher|author|writer|publishing company}|author} logo design and website {design|development|designing} {project|job|assignment}
{city1} health and well being retail sign and {logo design|branding} project
{city1} {stock|Commodity} {trader|broker} logo design project
{city1} {sporting goods store|sports retailer} logo design website design, and sign design project

{city1} {doctors|medical professional|physicians} logo design and {branding|signage|web design} project

logo design and branding project for a {children's|family} charity

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