So what’s this going to cost us?

ImageCo designs everything from business cards to billboards and every project is custom tailored for each of our customers so we can’t really provide a specific price for everything we do, however there are a couple of things that we do more than anything else and that is web design and logo design so it’s a little easier to provide pricing for both of those items.

Logos are a little easier to nail down because there are less unknowns in a logo project, websites can take on a mind of their own so they are a bit harder to put a number on, in both cases we’ll give a range of prices that will help you determine where your project may land.

logo design

The typical logo project runs $900 but all logo projects are custom and they are all personal, and depending on the decision makers involved it can be a fairly involved process. So, if there’s one ultimate decision maker it should come in at $900, if there are two decision makers and they are both involved in the process it can still come in at $900 but keeping it at that price will take an open dialogue with all involved and it will take some teamwork.

If a committee is involved you’re looking at $2400 because committees complicate every design project, they take twice as long and take twice as much work.

If required to work through an assistant or another surrogate the price is also $2400 but it’s more likely that we won’t take the project on at all because those projects rarely work out very well. Having someone else make design decisions on a logo for their superior is akin to having someone else pick out a tattoo for another person or sending an assistant to get a haircut for you.

web design

Web projects are more complicated to price but rather than provide a broad range of prices we’ll break down the things that will affect the overall cost of a web project.  

  • The size or depth of the site, how many pages, and how many subjects covered by the site. Simple business sites or brochure style sites usually can range anywhere from 1-20 pages.
  • Total number of templates created for the site, again simple brochure style web site or simple business sites are usually no more than 2-3 templates.
  • Content, if the content is provided or it's simply a site redesign it will go much quicker and require fewer changes than if we are involved in the creation of the content.
  • Number of revisions. Again, it comes down to what we have to work with, if the content is sparse and needs to be completed it will take a bit of back and forth to get the message on point.
  • Functionality, if it's a brochure type site the functionality is pretty clear but if you're goal is to become the next Facebook that'll cost you. First, we'll try and talk you off that financial ledge but if that doesn't work we will have to take a long hard look at what will be involved in accomplishing your goal.
  • SEO, a site isn’t much use if it can’t be found but in some situations, it may not matter if search engines can find you. For example, it may not matter for a site created for a resume or a personal portfolio because mor3e often than not the traffic is going to come from the people you direct to the site driving people to your site through your own networking. But if you do need to be found in search engines or if you want to improve your sites position we can help you directly by doing your SEO or setting you up and providing a bit of guidance so that you can do it for yourself.

So the best we can provide for a website design is a range of prices, on the high end most sites rarely go above $6000 and on the low end our projects rarely come it at less than $1500. But ultimately there is no high end or low end, it almost always comes down to what a customer wants and how much they are willing to spend to get it. If a customer has a low budget we’ll try and work with them to figure out ways to get them what they want for what they hope to spend. If that describes you just let us know what you want and what you can afford, we’ll let you know whether or not we think their is route that will get you where you want to be.

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