Acute Care 360 ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {doctor|physician|urgent care|medical} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {restaurant|bar|brew pub} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Evolv Design logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {design|interior design} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Red Panda Publishers logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {author|publisher|book|book publisher} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

{usa1(city)}'s Turning Point Foundation logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {non-profit|nonprofit|non-profit} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {restaurant|retail|commercial|industrial|medical|non-profit|dental|automotive|financial|technology} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {restaurant|retail|commercial|industrial|medical|non-profit|dental|automotive|financial|technology} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Mid Valley Pathology logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {restaurant|retail|commercial|industrial|medical|non-profit|dental|automotive|financial|technology} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

FSA OK logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {retirement|retirement community} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Emerald Heights logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {retirement|retirement community} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Club Sapphire logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {retail|commercial|restaurant|store} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Downtown Dogs logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {vet|veterinary|dog daycare|doggy daycare} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

WSBA logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {school|education|teacher|learning} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Ferry Street Coffee Company logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {restaurant|cafe|coffee house|coffee|coffee roaster} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Stoney Forensic logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {forensic|tech|scientific research|technology} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign} {development|consulting|consultant}.

Smart kernels logo designed by ImageCo, {usa1(city)}'s brand image {agency|firm} providing {usa1(city)} {usa1(region)} {software|technology} {company|business} {electrical|electric} {neon|channel letter|cabinet|exterior|retail|commercial|shopping center|retail|commercial|illuminated|lighted} {signage|sign}{development|consulting|consultant}.

Memorable Logos That Tell Stories
and Connect With People Emotionally

{Creating|Developing|Designing|Crafting} a brand identity or {a logo|a logo design|a business logo|a custom logo design} that is both {memorable|unforgettable} and {tells|expresses} the story {of|about} who you are or what you {do|actually do} is {a monumental|a significant|a massive|a herculean} {task|job|undertaking|endeavor}. The {challenge|difficulty} is to {make|create|produce|generate|come up with} {a design|a design concept|a logo design} {that|which} is {simple|simplistic} enough to be {understood|comprehended} at {a glance|a glimpse} and {conveys|imparts|transmits} enough {information|relevant information} that it can {express|communicate|articulate} who you are. {But|However} no {logo|logo design} can {truly|genuinely|absolutely|totally} tell your story or {explain|summarize} your {business|organization}, and {going|moving|travelling} down that {road|path} {usually|often|frequently} {makes for|produces} {a logo|a brand identity} design that {does|performs|accomplishes} neither. {However|But|Although}, in {experienced|skilled|skillful} hands, it is {possible|quite possible} to strike a balance between {both|the two} and {create|design} {a logo|a brand identity} that both informs and emotes and {hitting|reaching} that sweet spot is what {every|your} business should {hope for|wish for} from their {logo|brand identity} designer.

ImageCo is one person, Tim Garner, I am {an independent|a free lance|a freelance} branding {specialist|professional}. For over {20 years|twenty years|two decades} I {‘ve|have} been {creating|designing} {memorable|unforgettable} logos and brand identity designs {that|which} tell stories and resonate with {audiences|viewers|customers|clients}. {But|However} don’t take my word for it, {just|} check out my {portfolio| logo portfolio|brand portfolio|work} and {see|discover} for yourself. I {don’t|do not} {claim|assert} {that I am|that I’m|to be} the {best|greatest} {designer|logo designer|brand identity designer} in the world, {but|however}, I do know what I{‘m| am actually|am} doing and my {clients|customers} {tend|are inclined} to agree.



The expression “your logo is not your brand” is a statement that is often {said| stated} with such {vehemence| fervor| emphasis} by {people| individuals} {working in| operating in} the branding {industry| sector}, {that one|that a person} {has to|ought to|might} {wonder|question} why so many people in branding {agencies|companies| firms} {hate|dislike|despise} {logos|logo designs} as much as they {seem|appear} to. It is {definitely|quite} true that your logo is not your {brand|business’s brand}, {but|however} what does that {mean for|make} a {business|brand} that has no logo? One thing is {certain|quite certain}, it {ensures|guarantees|all but guarantees} that a brand with no logo will be faceless and {forgettable|quickly forgotten|easily forgotten}.

Without a {logo|visual identity}, {a business|a company|an organization}’s brand is {no|nothing|simply nothing|really nothing} more than a fading memory because {people|consumers|customers} would have {nothing|virtually nothing} to anchor their {brand experiences|experiences} too.

Some {people compare|compare} a {logo|business’s logo} to a smile or a handshake which is {somewhat|slightly} {true|accurate}, however it’s {also|actually} {much more|a lot more|far more} than that. A logo is a brand’s anchor and it also {acts as|serves as|functions as} the cornerstone of {a business|a company|an organization}’s {brand|brand image}. A logo {acts as|serves as|functions as} an anchor {because| since|due to the fact that} the entire brand experience is {anchored| secured} to it. It is also a brand’s cornerstone, {because|since} a cornerstone is the first stone {laid|placed} when {constructing|building} the foundation of the structure above it, and {once laid|once it is laid} it will {serve as|be} the {reference|guiding reference} point for every {thing|stone|building block} that comes after it. A logo {serves|functions|works} in the same way, it is a foundational {building block|element} that supports the {business|organization} it represents, and it {continuously|also} serves as a {reference|defining reference point|reference point} that {guides|helps guide} a brand as it {develops|grows|expands}.

ImageCo is a {visual branding|brand identity} {agency|business|firm} and our {mission|objective|goal} is to {help|assist|aid} our {customers|clients} lay that cornerstone {and|as well as} {set|drop} that anchor. We help {businesses|companies|organizations} look {established|more established|well established}, more {polished|refined}, and more {experienced|knowledgeable|professional}. This {helps ensure|ensures} that our clients will always {stand out|be considered|be taken seriously}, and are not only {deserving of|worthy of|entitled to} a seat at the table, but look like they {should|ought to} be seated at the head of that table.



For over {20 years|twenty years|two decades|2 decades} ImageCo has been helping {entrepreneurs|business owners|small business owners|start ups and entrepreneurs|businesses of all kinds} {grow|develop|cultivate|establish} {memorable|unforgettable|notable} {brands|brand identities}. We{‘ve| have} {done|undertaken|performed} {branding|brand design|brand identity design|logo design} work for {farmers|ranchers|mechanics|builders}, {universities|colleges|educational institutions|schools}, {diamond miners|heart surgeons}, {wedding singers|party planners}, {restaurants|bistros|diners|cafes|coffee shops|coffee roasters}, {retailers|retail stores}, and {just about|practically|virtually} every other kind of {business|business concern} you can {imagine|think of|envision}. What makes {us|ImageCo} {different|unique} compared to {our contemporaries|our competitors|traditional designers|typical graphic designers} is that our background is rooted in the electrical sign industry so we {approach|undertake} every {design|brand identity project|logo design project|branding project} {as though|as if} it will be {used|utilized|employed} as {an electric|an electrical} sign. {Because of|As a result of} our sign first {approach|method|technique|strategy} our {designs|logo designs|brand identity designs|identity designs} can, and have been {used|utilized|employed} in everything from {clothing|fashion|garment} labels to {billboards|electrical signs|neon signs}. Our sign first {approach|method|technique} {guarantees|ensures|insures} that our {logos|logo designs} are {equally|just as} {effective|reliable|successful} whether they are used in {television|TV} commercials or {web|website} {applications|apps|headers}, they are consistently {recognizable|identifiable}, {understood|comprehended}, and {remembered|always remembered} {regardless|no matter|irrespective} of {size|scale} or {use|application|function|purpose}.

American Made ★ Design

{The thing|Something|The one difference} {that|which} {really|truly|seriously} sets ImageCo apart from {other|many of the} design {firms|agencies|companies} that you {may|might|might possibly|probably} have {come across|encountered|stumbled upon|found} {online|on-line|in search results|in Google’s search results}, companies like Thumbtack, Design Hill, Upwork, or Crowdspring is that {absolutely|each and} every {project|design project} we are {hired|contracted|enlisted|retained|brought on board} {to do|to perform}, we {do|perform} {in-house|ourselves}. {Regardless of|No matter|Irrespective of} the {type of|kind of} {project|design project} we {take on|undertake|accept}, {logo|logo design|business logo|brand identity design}, {website|web site|web page|business website|website design}, trade show {display|exhibit|exhibition|booth|banners}, or {retail|commercial|electric|electrical} sign, we do not, and never will {job out|job-out|contract out|farm out|farm-out} our {customer|client}’s {projects|work} to {companies|organizations|agencies|contractors|3rd parties} {based|located} outside the {US|United States|USA}. {When|Whenever} you {call|contact|phone} us at 1-855-IMAGECO the {person|individual|party} that {answers|picks up} the {phone|telephone} is ImageCo’s owner and designer, not {a middleman|a go-between|an agent|a broker} that {marks up|increases} the {cost|price} of your {project|design project} and {dictates|determines|imposes} the {terms|conditions} of how {we|you and I|my customers and I} {do|conduct} business.


{Every|Virtually every|Nearly every|It’s likely that every} new {usa1(city_name)} {business|company|organization|entrepreneur} {knows|understands that|realizes that} they {need|require|probably need} a logo, {but|however|yet} few {start ups|start-ups|new business owners} {fully|entirely|thoroughly} {understand|comprehend|recognize|grasp|realize} the {key|essential|crucial|vital|pivotal} role their {logo|logo design|company logo|business logo|organization’s logo} {will|can} {play|perform|make} in their {success|financial success|becoming successful}, or {why|the reason that|exactly why|precisely why} one {logo|logo design|business logo} {works|performs|functions} {better|far better|more effectively} than another. {A logo|A logo design|A company logo|A business logo} has {an immediate|an instant|a critical} and {lasting|long-term|long term|sustaining} {influence|impact|effect} on the {success|prosperity|growth|financial success|viability} of {a business|a company}, {choose|select|pick|go with} the {right|correct} one and it {will|can} make the door swing and {cash register|phone} ring, {choose|select|go with} the {wrong|incorrect} one and it {will|can} be {a barrier|an obstacle} and {a hindrance|an impediment} for the {life|life span|longevity} of {a business|a company|an organization}.

The logos {featured|included|presented} in the ImageCo portfolio help {usa1(city_name)} {businesses|companies} {succeed|prosper}, they are effective in any given {situation|circumstance|scenario} and the {reason|main reason|reason why} they are so effective is {that|because} they all have these {five|5} {things|traits|features} in common.

  1. Simplicity: simple {logos|logo designs} {don’t|do not} {require|need} {consideration|deliberation|scrutiny|contemplation}, they can be {understood|comprehended|grasped} in {just|merely} {a glance|a glimpse|a look}.
  2. Scalability: from {clothing labels|label|business cards} to {billboards|store signs|retail signs|posters} a scalable {logo|logo design|business logo} will {remain|stay|continue to be|be} legible and {equally|just as} emotive at {any|virtually any|every} {size|dimension|scale}.
  3. Versatility: logos {which|that} {work|function|operate} on {any|any type of|any sort of} device, in print, on {packaging|product packaging}, on a mobile phone, or on {a ball-cap|a ball cap}.
  4. Suitability: they are appropriate, they feel {personal|right|exclusive}, and they are suitable for the {product|item} or {company|business|organization} they {represent|brand}.
  5. Relevance: {a logo|a logo design|a company logo|a business logo} {should|must|needs to} be {timeless|ageless|enduring|lasting} and {should|will} feel equally relevant today, tomorrow, and {twenty|20|twenty five|thirty|forty} years from {now|today}.

{understand your brand|understanding branding}

Brand – {It’s|It is} {both a verb|a verb} {and|as well as|and also} a noun, {it’s|it is} an identifying mark {and|as well as|and also} the {act|process} of {marking|noting|denoting} something {so that|to ensure that|to make sure that} it {can be|could be} {identified|recognized|distinguished}, its {origin|genesis|foundation} {comes from|originates from} the {mark|brand} {burned|branded} onto {livestock|animals}. {Today|These days|Nowadays} a brand {signifies|represents|symbolizes|indicates} {pretty much|practically|basically|virtually} anything with {a motive|an intention|an objective}, {whether|regardless if|regardless of whether} it be {profit|revenue|earnings} or {politics|political parties|government agencies}, a brand is {an intrinsic|an innate|an inherent} aspect of {defining|specifying} the {value|worth} of {something|a specific thing} in the {public’s|consumer’s|customer’s} mind.

Branding – Is {kind of|sort of} like {marketing and advertising|advertising and marketing}’s {sexy|attractive} {sister|cousin}, they are {all|each|both} from the {same|exact same|very same} family, the {difference|distinction} being that {marketing and advertising|advertising and marketing} {are about|have to do with} making a promise and branding’s {goal|objective} is to deliver on that promise. Branding is also {a strategic|a calculated} popularity {contest|competition} {aimed at|targeted at|directed at} {a target audience|a target market|a specific audience}, it’s {goal|objective} is to {create|produce|develop} {an image|a mental image} that the {audience|target market} {will|can|will likely} {identify with|relate to|connect to}.

Brand Image – An image planted and {nurtured|cultivated} {by|through} {advertising and marketing|advertising and marketing} {and|as well as|and also} identity design. When {someone|somebody|a person} {says|states|mentions} the {names|brand names} {Lamborghini|Ferrari|Porsche} or {Corvette|Mustang} what we {think of|think about|consider} is their brand image, it’s {an image|a picture} that exists in our minds. That image isn’t an image of {a vehicle|a car|an automobile} with 4 wheels that can {transport|carry|deliver|move} us from point A to point B, the {image|the mental image} we have (or at least I have) is of {speed|freedom}, {beauty|elegance}, of something dangerous and {exotic|unique|sexy} . That is brand image and {brand image|that} is what makes {people|individuals} {buy|purchase|want} those {products|brands}. Brand image is why {people|individuals} {buy|purchase|get|acquire|identify with} {specific brands|most things}, from {Pepsi to Coke|Nike to Adidas} Chevy or Ford, Democrats or Republicans … all driven by brand images that {people|we} can {identify with|relate to}.

Branding {Firms|Agencies|Companies} – If you {look back at|reflect on} the {origin|beginning|history} of {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} branding {firms|companies|agencies} you’ll {find|discover} that they are {often|frequently|quite often} {re-branded|rebranded} {marketing|advertising|advertising and marketing|marketing and advertising} {firms|agencies|companies}. When {someone|somebody|a person} {says|states|claims} they are in {marketing|advertising|advertising and marketing} {most people|many people|the majority of people|lots of people|most individuals} will likely have {a preconceived notion|an idea} about {the type of work they do|what they do. {But|However|Yet} when {someone|somebody|a person} {says|states|claims} “{I’m in|I am in} branding”… it {just|simply} {sounds|seems} {more|much more} {impressive|attractive}, {perhaps|possibly|maybe|probably} it’s {because|since|due to the fact that} {most people|many people|the majority of people|lots of people|most individuals} {don’t|do not} {know|fully understand|understand|recognize} what it {means|implies|indicates|suggests} to be in branding so it comes off as {more mysterious|mysterious} {and|and even|and maybe even|and perhaps even|and kind of } {sexy|attractive}.

Brand Identity – Is {an inclusive|a comprehensive} term that {describes|explains|defines} the visual {elements|aspects|components} of a product or {company|business|agency} that {influence|affect} {perceptions|understandings|view points}. This {primarily|mainly|mostly|largely} {includes|consists of} the name, the {logo|logo design}, the {packaging|product packaging}, the {colors|different colors} {used|utilized} {but|however|yet} can {also|likewise|additionally} {include|consist of} {sound|audio}, {lighting|illumination|lights}, texture, {signage|signs}, {really|actually|just about}} anything that can be seen, {felt|touched} or {heard|listened to} {are part of|belong to|become part of} a brand identity.

Brand Identity {Designer|Designers}
– A brand identity designer is {a designer|a visual designer|a graphic designer} that {specializes in|focuses on|concentrates on} {a type of|a kind of} visual design {that|which} helps {shape|form} the {perception|image|public image} of {a company|a business|a firm}, a product or {an organization|a company|an institution|a business|a business organization}. Brand identity designers {create|produce|develop} logo designs, {sign|signage} designs, {packaging|product packaging}, {and|as well as|and also} collateral {material|products} such as {business cards|cards}, stationery, {and|as well as|and also} {brochures|pamphlets|sales brochures}. Some {visual|identity} designers also {design|develop|build} {websites|sites|web sites} {and|as well as|and also} {software interfaces|user interfaces}. The {essential|important|vital|necessary|crucial} {role|function|duty} of a brand identity designer is to {develop|establish|create} the visual cues {and|as well as|and also} {an emotional|a psychological} tone with the {goal|objective} of {influencing|affecting} {actions|activities}, {outcomes|results|end results} {and|as well as|and also} {perceptions|understandings|assumptions}.

{Featured|select} {logos & signs|signs/logos|SIGNS & LOGOS}

Retro logo {design|style|layout} of {a bicycle|a bike} {created|produced|developed} for a {usa1(city_name)} coffee cafe {and|as well as|and also} a coffee roaster.

Ferry Street Coffee Company | Logo Design | Retail Branding

This {start-up|startup|budding|fledgling} coffee roaster and {cafe|coffee shop|coffee bar|coffeehouse|bistro} {were|were actually} {opening|opening up|launching} in {an older|an old} {part|section} of {town|the city|the area|the town|the community} and {wanted|really wanted|wished|hoped} to {project|visualize|cast} {a retro|a vintage|an old-fashioned|a nostalgic} {vibe|feel|atmosphere|tone} without {appearing|coming across} as {stodgy|boring|uninteresting|monotonous} or low energy. I {accomplished|achieved|fulfilled} {both|both of these|the two|each of the} {tasks|jobs} {by|by means of|via} {creating|developing|designing} {a logo|a company logo|a business logo|{a symbol|a sign}|a trademark|a custom logo} {design|concept} that {features|includes|contains|incorporates|uses} a man on a high wheel bicycle (aka The Penny Farthing), it is {antiquated|old-fashioned}, {high|higher} energy, and is a {timeless|ageless|classic|enduring} business image.

{medical|clinical} logo {design|style|layout} with {a microscope|a microscopic lense} slide {and|as well as|and also} {germs|bacteria} {designed|developed|created|made} for {usa1(city_name)} {medical|clinical} {clinic|center|facility}.

Mid-Valley Pathology | Logo Design

Pathology is the {science|scientific discipline} {that|which} {studies|examines|researches|analyzes|investigates} the {causes|triggers|root causes} and {effects|consequences|outcomes} of diseases, {especially|mainly} the {branch|field} of {medicine|healthcare} {that|which} {deals|works} with the {laboratory|clinical} {examination|evaluation|assessment} of {samples|samplings|specimens} of {body|human body} {tissue|cellular material} for diagnostic or forensic {purposes|objectives|reasons|intents}.

The Mid-Valley Pathology {logo|logo design|brand|custom logo design} I came up with {is|is really} the {only|sole} instance I {recall|remember|recollect|call to mind} {where|in which} I was {able|in a position} to {incorporate|integrate} a bacteria-laden microscope slide {into|right into|within} {a logo|a business logo} design.

{Typically|Generally|Usually|Normally} I {try|attempt} not to be {overly|excessively|extremely} literal with {a design|a concept} and to {a degree|a point}, {this|this specific} design approaches the company it {represents|serves} {quite|rather|fairly|very} literally, {but|however|yet} it does it in {a way|a fashion} that {incorporates|integrates} the slide as part of the name so it doesn’t serve so much as {an explanation|a description|an illustration} of what Mid-Valley Pathology does so much as acts as {an enhancement|an enhancer} to the {name|brand} that {makes|helps make} it more {interesting|intriguing|appealing|captivating}, more {attention|interest|focus} grabbing and {more|even more|much more|a lot more} {memorable|unforgettable|meaningful}.

logo {design|style|layout} with {a jumping|a leaping} {green|eco-friendly|environment-friendly} frog {designed|developed|created|made} for {a family|a household|a family members} {fun|enjoyable} {center|facility} in {usa1(city_name)}.

Cool Springz | Logo Design | Retail Branding

The Cool Springz Trampoline Park was {a very|a really} {fun|cool} project to work on, {probably|most likely} because a trampoline park is all about fun. It’s {also|additionally} a project that is way out of the {norm|usual} of the {types|kinds|sorts} of {projects|jobs} {that|which} come my way, I’ve {done|produced} dozens of logo designs for {doctors|physicians|medical professionals|health care providers|surgeons}, {dentists|dental professionals|dental experts|dental offices|dental practices}, and {lawyers|attorneys|legal professionals} but Cool Springz is without question the {only|one and only} trampoline park {that|which} I {have|have actually} ever {had|gotten} the {privilege|opportunity} to work on.

Given that the {name|title|full name} of the {business|company} {has|features} the word springz in its name the {obvious|apparent|clear} choice would have been to {incorporate|integrate|include|feature} {a few|a couple of|a handful of|a couple|a some} springs into the {design|concept} but Cool Springz is a fun {place|location|destination} to go and spring {doesn’t|does not} {really|actually} {reflect|resonate} {an atmosphere|an environment} of fun does it. My thought process on this {project|logo design project|logo project} went from springs (boring) to what jumps around, kangaroos … but kangaroos are cute and this place is cool, {ultimately|eventually|inevitably|in the end} I landed on a green tree frog and a dimensional treatment of the {name|title} itself to {give|provide} the logo {a more|a much more|a better} {dynamic|lively|enthusiastic} high energy {feel|feeling|impression|atmosphere|mood}.

In the end, Cool Springz ended up loving my {design|concept|brainchild} and named the frog Jax and {incorporated|integrated|included|featured} him in to everything they {utilized|used} for {marketing|advertising|advertising and marketing|promotion and marketing|marketing and advertising}. I also {think|believe} this is the only time that a logo I {did|created|designed|came up with} was {turned|transformed|made} into a mascot when they had {an employee|a staff member} costume {fabricated|fashioned} to look {just|exactly} like my frog design.

{photography|digital photography} {logo|logo design} {featuring|including} {a flock|a group} of birds, {a mountain|a hill}, {a trail|a path|a route}, a stream, {and|as well as|and also} a tree - {designed|developed|created|made} for {usa1(city_name)} {travel|traveling} {photographer|professional photographer|digital photographer}.

Travel Don't Wander | Logo Design | Website Design

Travel Don’t Wander was {a logo|a logo design|a custom logo design} {project|job} I took on for a travel photographer, which is {a pretty|a rather|a fairly} {niche|specialized|specialized} field of photography and I {think|believe} it is a niche {field|area|profession|sector|speciality} {because|due to the fact that} travel photographers {don’t|tend not to} {shoot|capture} {places|locations} or things but {instead|rather} {convey|communicate|reveal|project} emotional {experiences|journeys} {through|by means of} the {images|pictures|photos} they {capture|record}. The {idea|thought} behind this logo {design|concept|composition} was to {use|utilize|make use of} negative space to {convey|communicate|reveal|project} more than what was visible upon {first|initial} {glance|view}, which I think is {representative|quintessential} of {most|the majority of|almost all} {good|professional} photographers in that they {often|frequently|oftentimes} {convey|share|tell} {entire|whole} stories {through|using} their photography.

It’s said that a picture is worth {a thousand|a 1000} words but I think that some photographs convey {much|a lot|considerably|a great deal|significantly} more than that because their photos {often|frequently} have an emotional {resonance|fullness} {that|which} can’t be {conveyed|communicated|revealed} with {mere|just} words. I {tried|attempted|made an effort} to do something {similar|comparable|very similar|the same|much the same} to this {logo|logo design} by {using|utilizing|making use of|employing} the positive space in the design to {say|suggest|voice} one thing and then at the same time using the negative space to expand upon what was {conveyed|communicated} through the first impression. I think, in {hindsight|looking back}, that my {goal|objective} was to both brand this photographer with a memorable  {usa1(city_name)} {logo|logo design} but also to {show|reveal|illustrate} the depth {in|of|to} her {work|art} and in the way that she {views|sees|perceives} the world through the lens of her camera.

 {usa1(city_name)} logo {design|style|layout} with a seagull {used|utilized|made use of} for the letter A. Designed for {a wireless|a cordless} retail {business|company|service|organisation}.

Coastal Wireless | Logo Design

The {majority|bulk|lion’s share} of {logo|business logo|custom logo} design {projects|jobs} that I take on I {really|truly|genuinely|seriously|honestly} {enjoy|take pleasure in|savor|relish} and the Coastal Wireless {project|assignment|design} was one that I {really|certainly} felt good about, {however|but} the {customer|client} didn’t quite share my {enthusiasm|excitement} for it. I felt really good about the {concept|idea} of using the seagull {silhouette|shape|form} as a stroke in the {letter|character} A {but|however} {my|the} {customer|client}, {while|even though} he {liked|loved} the concept, {didn’t|really did not} care for my choice of birds. {This|This particular} {guy|man} {seriously|truly|genuinely|really} {hated|disliked|despised|loathed} seagulls, which he referred to as the “rats of the sky”, {fortunately|thankfully|luckily} the rest of his {family|family members|friends and family} {didn’t|did not} share his {contempt|scorn|hatred|aversion} for this {particular|specific} {breed|type|kind|variety} of sea bird.

When I turn {a design|a concept} over to {a client|a customer} I {encourage|urge} {them|all of them} to {share|discuss|talk about} it with {friends|colleagues|friends and colleagues} and {family|family members} as well as with {people|individuals|folks|other people} that they don’t {even|actually} know so as to get {unbiased|impartial|objective|honest|unprejudiced|neutral} {opinions|viewpoints|point of views|assessments|judgements} on the {merit|benefit|value|worthiness} of {a design|a concept|a design concept}. Fortunately, he {shared|discussed|talked about} it with his {family|family members|whole family} and they {loved|adored|really loved|really liked} the {design|concept} and were able to {reason with|persuade} him and get him to sign off on it, but not before he worked me over to {insert|include|incorporate} every other seabird he could think of … {ultimately|eventually|in the end} I was able to talk him out of his {preference|choice|alternative} of a pelican and he {went|proceeded} with the original {design|concept}.

{Logos|Logo designs|Business logos|Custom logo designs} are {a weird|a strange} {creature|animal} in the design world {because|given that} the people that {tend|have a tendency|are inclined} to hire {a professional|an expert} to {design|create} their {logo|logo design|business logo} {understand|comprehend|recognize|realize} how {important|essential|crucial|vital} {a logo|a logo design} is for their {business|company|organization} so they are {way|much} more {invested|vested} in the {outcome|result|end result|final result}. Every {logo|logo design} {project|job} {has|possesses} it’s {share|allotment|portion} of {challenges|difficulties|obstacles|hurdles}, {but|however} the {biggest|most significant|greatest|largest} {obstacle|challenge} is {finding|identifying} that sweet spot in a design that {works|functions|operates} really well at the {job|task} it’s {required|needed} to do in branding {a business|a company} and also {providing|giving} the {client|customer} the {identity|image} they see for themselves.

a red panda logo {design|style|layout} with bamboo {in the background|behind-the-scenes}, {design|style|layout} for {usa1(city_name)} {book|publication} {publisher|author}

Red Panda Publishers | Logo Design

The book spine is {a narrow|a slender|a thin|a cramped} {piece|segment|slice|parcel} of real estate to work with, {but|however|yet|nevertheless} {it|it really} is the most {essential|important|vital|necessary|crucial|critical} part of {a printed|a published} book {because|since|due to the fact that|considering that|given that} it is {usually|often|ordinarily|in most cases} the {first|very first|initial|primary} thing a person {sees|views} in the {bookstore|book shop|book store}. {For|With regard to|With respect to|Concerning|Regarding} {a publisher|a publishing company}, it’s the {best|absolute best|most ideal|optimal} opportunity {they|that they} {will|will likely} ever {have|get} to {publicize|advertise|promote|spotlight} their {brand|label|product} and get their logo design in front of the {people|individuals|men and women} that {buy|purchase|shop for} actual books.

This {3|three} color design is {vibrant|vivid}, {colorful|picturesque} and eye-catching and it {leaves|gives} plenty of {room|space|area|territory} for the title and the author’s name.

Air LA {logo|logo design} {designed|developed|created|made} for {an airline|an airline company} in Los Angeles, the {logo|logo design} has {two|2} letter A's with {the bars|benches} {modified|customized|changed} to {imply|suggest|indicate} they are wings.

Air LA | Logo Design

Airlines {come|arrive} and {go|depart} {but|however|yet|nevertheless} it {seems|seems like|looks like} that in many {cases|instances|occurrences} {one|1} of the {things|traits|items|aspects} {people|individuals|folks|consumers} {tend|often tend|usually tend} to {remember|recall|recollect} the most are their logos. The Air LA logo design was done for {a small|a modest|a smaller|a young} {startup|start-up|new venture|fledgling} commuter/shuttle {airline|airline company|air service} {based|located|situated} in LA and {while|although} I’m not {sure|certain} it {really|actually} “took off” their {logo|logo design|business logo|organization logo|custom logo} didn’t {ground|slow} them. The bookend A’s in their {name|title|brand} lent itself well to {imparting|conferring|affording} {a sense|a feeling|a good sense|a spirit} of {flight|air travel|airline flight} and it was {certainly|definitely|undoubtedly|surely} {a success|a victory|a winner}.

 {usa1(city_name)} logo {design|style|layout} {used|utilized|made use of} for {marketing|advertising|advertising and marketing} {and|as well as|and also} {a label|a tag} {design|style|layout} for Vintage {Case|Situation|Instance} {features|includes} {an antiquated|an old|an old-fashioned|an archaic} {font|font style|typeface} {design|style|layout}.

Vintage Case | Logo Design

Vintage case {specialized|focused|specialized} in {new|brand-new|brand new|all new} cases for {musical|music} instruments, {that|which} {looked|appeared|seemed} to be {older|much older|vintage|antique} cases. For this {logo|business logo|brand|custom logo} {design|concept} I {tried|attempted|strove|sought} to come up with a logo that {had|possessed|provided|offered} a fluid {retro|vintage|old-fashioned|old style|nostalgic} feel to it and {could|could easily} be {used|utilized} for {everything|every thing|anything} from {a website|a web site|a web page} to {a label|an insignia} on brand new cases that {looked|appeared|seemed} like they were from {another|a different} {era|generation|point in time}.

{Logo|Logo design} {created|produced|developed} for an orthodontist in {usa1(city_name)}, {design|style|layout} {include|consist of} an arc with lines {intersecting|converging} {through|with|via} it to {imply|suggest|indicate} {metal|steel} {braces|dental braces}.

Kujak Orthodontics | Logo Design | Sign Design

{Dental|Dentistry|Dental care} {logos|logo designs|business logos} {can|can easily} be one of the most {challenging|difficult|challenging and difficult} {logo|logo design} {projects|jobs} {because|due to the fact that|considering that} it {seems|appears} that {every|every single|each and every|virtually every|almost every} {dentist|dental professional} {incorporates|integrates|includes|features|involves} a smile, a tooth, a smiling tooth, or a toothy smile in their design. {Dental|Dentistry} {logos|logo designs|business logos} are one of the {most|very most} cliche ridden {professions|careers|fields} when it comes to {business|company|small business} {branding|marketing|advertising}, if {restaurants|dining establishments} approached their {branding|advertising} in the {same|exact same|very same} way {dentists|dental professionals|dental practitioners|dental offices|dental practices} do every one of their {logos|logo designs|company logos} {would|would definitely} be a picture {trying to explain|explaining} {something|anything} they served, McDonalds would {likely|most likely|probably} {have|contain|include} {a picture|an image} of a potato and a cow.

I {understand|recognize} the thinking behind {adding|including|incorporating} {an image|an illustration|a likeness} of something mouth {related|associated} to a dentist’s {logo|logo design|company logo} {but|nevertheless} it has to be {done|performed} subtly or it will just look like every other clipart {dentists|dental professionals} logo that litter the branding landscape of the {dental|dentistry|dental care} {industry|profession}.

I {actually love|really love|really enjoy} doing {dental|dentistry|dental care|dentist} {logos|logo designs|business logos} {because|simply because} it challenges me to come up with a design that implies {dentistry|the field of dentistry} or {a specific|a particular|a certain} {field|area} of {dentistry|dental treatment|the field of dentistry} like orthodontics without resorting to the {clichéd|stereotypical} {approach|solution|course of action} that so many dentists settle on.

Kujak Orthodontics {provided|offered|delivered} such an opportunity and {ultimately|eventually|inevitably|subsequently} I created {a design|a layout|a concept} that {doesn’t|does not} have {a single|a solitary} smile or a tooth in it, but even though they aren’t {overt|obvious}, they are still {implied|suggested} in the {design|concept}. When I turned {this|this particular} {design|concept} over to the {customer|client} the only smile that was {obvious|apparent|evident} {was|was actually|was really} the smile on Dr. Kujak’s face.

William McNally {logo|logo design} {designed|developed|created|made} for {a family|a household|a family members} {nonprofit|not-for-profit}, the {logo|logo design} {features|includes} 4 {characters|personalities} {staggered|surprised|startled} in {height|elevation} to {represent|stand for} {a family unit|a family} with in the {design|style|layout}.

William McNally | Logo Design | Branding

The William McNally Family Foundation {asked|reached out to|contacted} ImageCo to help them come up with a {logo|logo design|custom logo design|brand identity design} that would be {representative|depictive| illustrative} of the {love|devotion} that William McNally had for the {people|folks|families|residents|people residing} in his {community|city}. {Most| Many|The majority of} logos with the name “family” in them tend to contain {pictures|images|depictions| portrayals} of a happy family, a cliche heavy {approach|method|technique|strategy} to any logo design is to be {overly| very| far too} literal {about|pertaining to|with regards to} what the name says or the industry it represents. I’ve {found|discovered} that the best {designs|concepts} are the ones that are {understated|downplayed} and {don’t|never} hit the viewer on the head with what the {company|business} or {organization|institution} {hopes|wants|wishes} to {convey|communicate|project|relate}.

The McNally Foundation’s name {presented|provided|offered} a {unique|distinct} opportunity to do a {logo|logo design|custom logo design} {that|which} {conveyed|communicated} that they were about families without being {overtly|openly} {cheesy|tacky|corny} about it. The {goal|objective|aim|intention} of a {logo|logo design} is to be remembered and recognized and if the designer {tries|attempts|makes an effort} to use the {logo|logo design} to {explain|describe| illustrate|summarize} {how|exactly how|precisely how|specifically how} {people|individuals} {should|ought to} think or feel they don’t understand the {goal|objective|purpose|mission} of a logo. If {you|people|viewers} have to {consider|ponder|think about} a {logo|logo design} to understand what it means, it has {failed|fallen short|been in vain}, a logo needs to be {instantly|immediately} {understood|comprehended} and a {logo|logo design} that {explains|describes|illustrates} itself {won’t|will never} have the {chance|opportunity|likelihood} to be {understood|comprehended}.

Logo {design|style|layout} {created|produced|developed} for a {usa1(city_name)} hair {design|style|layout} {studio|workshop} {featuring|including} {a script|a manuscript} font a hummingbird {and|as well as|and also} {an implied|a suggested|an indicated} orchid for the letter O.

Wild Orchid Studio | Logo Design Project

Wild Orchid Studios {needed|required|wanted|desired} {a logo|a logo design|a company logo|a business logo} {that|which} {conveyed|communicated|projected|carried|related} {a sense|a feeling|a spirit|an atmosphere} of {ease|simplicity|peace|serenity|tranquility|relaxation|calmness|contentment} and {class|elegance|connection} for their new hair {studio|salon}. I {came up with|created} {a design|a concept} {that|which} {didn’t|did not} go the obvious {route|path|course|direction} of {creating|making|designing|crafting} {just|simply|merely} a stylized orchid but {instead|rather|alternatively} {created|designed|crafted|delivered} {a logo|a logo design|a company logo|a business logo} {that| which} {implied|suggested} {an orchid|a flower} in the {formation|pattern} of a swirl {incorporated|integrated|featured|blended} {into|in to} the letter O in the {name|title} and by {putting|placing} {emphasis|attention} on the {logo design|concept} {with|along with|using} the {silhouette|figure} of a hummingbird {hovering|floating} {above|over} the {logo|logo design|image} itself. The obvious path in {designing|creating} {a logo|a logo design|a company logo|a business logo} is {usually|generally|in most cases|frequently|oftentimes|more often than not} the {wrong|incorrect} {path|course|route|direction} and in this case, the design ended up not being about the {flower|orchid} but {instead|alternately} {placed|put|laid} the {emphasis|focus|importance|attention|main focus} on the {feeling|emotion|perception} that they {wanted|really wanted} to {project|forecast|transmit} to their {clients|customers|patrons}.

Arabian {horse|equine|steed} logo {design|style|layout} {created|produced|developed} for {a horse|an equine|a steed} {ranch|cattle ranch} that {specializes in|focuses on|concentrates on} {breeding|reproducing} Arabian {show|program} {horses|equines|steeds}.

Dazzo Arabians | Logo Design

ImageCo {created|developed|designed|crafted} {a unique|a distinct|a one-of-a-kind|an original} {logo|company logo|business logo|brand|organization logo|custom logo|creative logo|logotype} {design|concept} {tailored|customized|fashioned|styled} to {exemplify|display|embody|epitomize|manifest|symbolize|illustrate} the unique physical traits of the Arabian {breed|type|kind|pedigree} of {horses|equines}. {With|By having} {a distinctive|an unique|an identifiable|a different} head {shape|form} and {high|higher|very high} tail {carriage|posture}, the Arabian is one of the {most|very most|highly} {easily|immediately|quite easily} {recognizable|identifiable} {horse|equine} {breeds|types|lineages} in the {world|entire world|whole world}.

Las Cafe, A {usa1(city_name)} {restaurant|Coffee shop} logo {design|style|layout} {a small|a little|a tiny} {restaurant|dining establishment}, {design|style|layout} {consists of|includes|contains} {a modified|a customized|a changed} {script|manuscript} {font|font style|typeface} which {hovers|floats} {above|over} {a group|a team} of {ornate|elaborate|luxuriant} lines {and|as well as|and also} dots.

Las Cafe | Logo Design | Restaurant Branding

Las {Cafe|Coffee shop} logo {design|style|layout} {a small|a little|a tiny} {restaurant|dining establishment}, {design|style|layout} {consists of|includes|contains} {a modified|a customized|a changed} {script|manuscript} {font|font style|typeface} which {hovers|floats} {above|over} {a group|a team} of {ornate|elaborate|luxuriant} lines {and|as well as|and also} dots.

Logo {design|style|layout} for {a software|a software application|a software program} {developer|designer|programmer} the {design|style|layout} {features|functions|attributes} {and|as well as|and also} {iconic|renowned|famous|legendary} {usa1(city_name)} {element|aspect|component} of a bridge to the left of the name.

Smart Kernels | Logo Design

A kernel is the {central|key|principal} {part|component} of an operating system (OS). {Typically|Generally|Traditionally}, the kernel is responsible for memory {management|administration}, process and task {management|control}, and {disk|hard drive|drive} {management|managing|operations}. The kernel {connects|links|attaches|unites} the {system|computer} hardware to the application software. In other words a kernel is {essentially|quite literally a bridge that {acts|behaves|functions|performs|operates|serves} as {a bridge|a connection} {between|in between} the {software|software program} and {hardware|computer hardware}.

The {logo|logo design|business logo} I came up with for Smart Kernels was based on an actual bridge that is {located|situated} {a few|a couple of|a number of} miles from the {offices|business offices} of Smart kernels. It’s a logo design that doesn’t attempt to {explain|describe|spell out|identify|point out} anything to anyone {about|regarding|pertaining to|with regards to|regarding to} what business they are in or how it relates to their specific location. {But|However|Nevertheless|However,} it {meant|represented|symbolized|intimated} something to the {owner|business owner} of the {business|company} and in {many|quite a few} cases the {meaning|significance|symbolism|substance} {behind|supporting} {a logo|a logo design|a company logo|a business logo} is {just|equally} as important as how it {serves|brands} the {business|company|enterprise|organization} it {represents|stands for}.

{Evolve|Develop|Progress|Advance} logo {design|style|layout} {created|produced|developed} for a {usa1(city_name)}{interior|indoor} {designer|developer}, {design|style|layout} {feature|function|attribute} {a series|a collection} of red circles that {intersect|converge} {and|as well as|and also} {replace|change} the letter O in the {middle|center} of the logo {design|style|layout}.

Evolv Interior Design | Logo Design | Branding

Evolv Design is a {usa1(city_name)} interior design company and this logo design is representational of the work that an interior designer does in. An interior designer is {someone|somebody|a person|an individual|a professional} who {plans|prepares|organizes|arranges}, {researches|investigates|explores}, {coordinates|collaborates}, and {manages|oversees} such {projects|tasks|ventures}. Interior design is {a multifaceted|a diverse} {profession|occupation} that {includes|consists of|involves} conceptual development, {space|area} planning, {site|location} {inspections|evaluations|assessments|examinations}, programming, {research|research study|study|analysis|investigation}, {communicating|interacting|corresponding} with the stakeholders of a project, {construction|building and construction} {management|supervision}, and {execution|implementation} of the design.

logo {design|style|layout} {done for|provided for} Advanced Leadership Solutions in {usa1(city_name)}, the {characters|personalities} for letter V {and|as well as|and also} A in {middle|center} of {the word|words} {advanced|progressed} {have|have actually} been {modified|customized|changed} to {tie|connect|link} {directly|straight} {into|right into} {the words|words} {below|listed below}.

Advanced Leadership Solutions | Logo Design | Website Design

{This|This particular} {usa1(city_name)} logo design {project|job|assignment} was {done|performed|carried out|undertaken|completed} for {a leadership|a management} {consultant|specialist|expert|advisor|coach|guide} that {helps|assists|aids|enables} business {leaders|professionals} to {become|develop into} more {effective|efficient|successful} at {managing|handling|overseeing|supervising} people, expectations, and {profitability|productivity}.

A {usa1(city_name)} business logo {design|style|layout} {featuring|including} {a fisherman|an angler} in the {middle|center} of the name casting a fly {towards|in the direction of} the {viewer|audience|customer|visitor}.

On The Fly | Logo Design | Retail Branding

With {brands|brand names|companies} {like|such as} Cabelas and Bass Pros raking in {over|more than} 7 billion a year {selling|offering|retailing} {supplies|goods} and equipment to outdoor sporting {enthusiasts|lovers|fans} the {founders|owners} of On the Fly {knew|understood|recognized|realized} the {market|market place} was {ready|prepared|primed} for an outdoor sporting {retailer|merchant|store} that {operates|functions} as a consignment {company|business|firm}. {Whether|Whether or not} you are into boating, {fishing|angling|sportfishing} or {rock|mountain} climbing, or even hunting, On the Fly {provides|presents} {a venue|a location|a place|a destination} for outdoor sports enthusiasts with all {types|kinds|sorts} of {interests|passions}, {a place|a location|a spot} to {sell|market|sell off} their {used|pre-owned|secondhand|previously owned} {equipment|products|items|goods} to other sports enthusiasts.

I {designed|created|tailored} their {usa1(city_name)} {logo|logo design|business logo} design {with|along with|using|utilizing} {an image|a graphic|an illustration} {that|which} {garners|{captures|grabs|seizes|pulls in}} the {attention|interest} of {traffic|vehicles} and {projects|sends} an image that {evokes|calls to mind|invokes|arouses|wakens} the {passion|enthusiasm} of the outdoors. With {traffic|visitor traffic} that averages {45|forty five} {mph|miles per hour} I {knew|realized} it would take more than the {average|typical} logo/sign to get {commuters|travelers} to take notice, hence the {image|picture|graphic|illustration} of a fly fisherman in his natural and {peaceful|tranquil|serene|relaxed|calm} habitat.

Logo {design|style|layout} MQ {farms|ranches}, this {usa1(city_name)} company logo {design|style|layout} {has|has actually} {a field|an area} {incorporated|integrated|included} {into|right into} the letter Q.

MQ Farms | Logo Design | Branding

The MQ farms {logo|company logo|business logo|emblem|brand|custom logo} {design|concept|idea} wasn’t {actually|really} {designed|developed|created|produced|composed} for an {usa1(city_name)} {area|regional} farm it was {actually|really|in reality} {designed|developed|created|devised} for {a commodities|a products|an investments} broker, and {this|this particular} {logo|logo design|company logo|business logo|brand|trademark|creative logo|company} was one of {several|many|multiple|a handful of} {that|which} fell {under|underneath|beneath} the MQ umbrella … MQ commodities was one, MQ trading was another. The {goal|objective|aim|end goal} {was|was actually|was really} to {create|produce|develop|make|generate|design} {a {image|graphic} |an identity |a brand mark |a graphic} that {projects|projected} {confidence|self-confidence|assurance|self-assurance|trust|esteem}, {success|effectiveness|financial success}, and {opulence|luxury|wealth|affluence|prosperity}.

 {usa1(city_name)} Logo design for {a nonprofit|a not-for-profit}, {Turning|Transforming} {Point|Factor} Solutions - the logo {design|style|layout} {feature|function|attribute} for {outwardly|externally|ostensibly} {facing|dealing with|encountering} {arrow|arrowhead} {and|as well as|and also} the arrowheads {imply|suggest|indicate} that it is {a diamond|a ruby} {shape|form}.

Turning Point Foundation | Logo Design

The Turning Point Foundation was {completely|totally|entirely} open to what {kind|type} of logo design {they|that they} {wanted|desired|preferred|would like}, {this|that} can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good in that it {gives|provides|offers|grants} a designer the {freedom|flexibility|liberty|opportunity} to {explore|discover|investigate|delve into} any {idea|concept} that comes to mind, bad in that it’s {hard|difficult|challenging|tricky} to hit a bullseye {without|in the absence of} {knowing|understanding|recognizing|realizing} {where|where exactly} the target is. {Fortunately|Thankfully|Luckily}, in {this|this particular} {case|instance}, I {hit|nailed|struck} a bullseye with the {first|very first|1st} {shot|try|go}.

{Logo|Logo design} {designed|developed|created|made} for {the use of|using|making use of} {a sign|an indication|an indicator} for the {restaurant|dining establishment} (Brewgrrs), it is {an ornate|an elaborate} {script|manuscript} {font|font style|typeface} that is {reminiscent of|similar to|evocative} {a famous|a well-known|a popular|a renowned} {usa1(city_name)} {sports|sporting activities} {team|group} {logo|logo design}.

Brewgrrs Restaurant | Logo Design | Restaurant Branding

{I’ve|I have} {designed|created|crafted} {dozens|loads|quite a lot} of restaurant {logos|logo designs|business logos|custom logo designs} and {business|establishment} signs for restaurants, diners, sports bars, night clubs, dining establishments, and eateries all over the {United States|US|USA}, from cupcake {bakeries|bakeshops|pastry shops|bake shops} to pizza parlors and oyster bars, out of all of them I {think|believe} Brewgrrs was my {favorite|absolute favorite}. Brewgrrs was {a cool|a great|a neat} {project|undertaking} {where|in which} I worked {closely|directly} with the {owner|proprietor|business owner} to {create|produce|develop|design} {a logo|a logo design|a business logo} {that|which} worked {really|very|extremely} well and did {a great|a fantastic} job to brand them, it {worked|functioned} on everything on everything from coasters, and tap handles all the way to {the neon|the illuminated|the lighted} {sign|signage} {that|which} hung {above|over} their doors, and was highly visible and very {easy to read|legible} from over a block away.

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