Since the pandemic hit I’ve had a number of customers decide to postpone their projects because they felt that they needed to cut costs and play it safe until things got back to normal. But saying you plan on playing it safe by abandoning your business marketing in an economy that is completely upside down seems to me to be short-sided and rather pessimistic. It also sounds like you plan on planting yourself on the couch and picking up a remote and tuning out until you get the green light to go back to work.

It’s understandable if someone has lost their job and with it their only source of income but it’s hard for me to fathom why a successful business owner feels like playing it safe is a viable option. I just know that I don’t plan on spending this quarantine in a bomb shelter of my own making waiting for a siren that announces it’s safe to come back out. Being self-employed has taught me that to achieve any kind of success I have to rely on myself to make change happen because ultimately the only person I have coming to my rescue is me.

I have no doubt that we will get through this but I do doubt that things will ever quite go back to normal, or maybe as some have been saying there will just be a new normal. Regardless, the only normal thing about life is that there isn’t anything normal about it, it’s constantly in flux and the only option I know of when change comes, is to accept it, adapt to it, look forward, and get back to work.

History is full of success stories of people that achieved great things in times of economic uncertainty and those success stories all have one thing in common, the people at the center of each of them made the decision to not participate in the hysteria and fear that gripped everyone around them, instead they kept their heads and chose to focus on the future and making the best out of a bad situation.

So I hope you are all healthy, and that you are able to use this time of isolation as an opportunity to draw closer to the ones you love. Stay safe, be smart, just don’t confuse playing it safe with being either smart or safe. We will come through this, plan on it, and plan for it.

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