The Promise of a New Day​

Answers for Youth and Families was a new practice for my client, a family psychologist. My client creates a safe, warm environment for struggling families. I began with an image of the rising sun as a metaphor for hope, renewal, and transformation.

A logo rarely conveys much more than a feeling, but sometimes the stars align, and I can see a narrative unfold. In this instance, it started when I made the decision to use the rising sun as a metaphor for hope, renewal, and transformation. The rising sun is universally understood, crossing cultural and social divides. The dawn of a new day offers an opportunity to leave past difficulties and embrace the promise of what’s ahead. This imagery was a perfect fit for my client’s practice. He guides families to overcome obstacles and grow stronger together, like the progression of a new day.

The sunbeams tell a story. They are arms extended. Hands united, conveying unity and strength, symbolizing resilience born out of a common purpose. Together a family creates a nurturing environment where each member can develop and achieve their potential.


By merging these elements, I designed a compelling brand identity for my client that is more than just a logo; it’s a beacon of hope for those seeking support. It encapsulates my client’s dedication to the well-being of families and guides those striving to create positive, lasting change in their lives.

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