For the love of dogs

This logo design was created for Downtown Dogs, a lively and adored doggy daycare located in the heart of St. Louis. The goal was to capture the essence of this special haven and create a logo that would resonate with pet owners and visitors, inviting them to explore the unique offerings of Downtown Dogs.

At the center of the design is the image of a happy dog, symbolizing the love and care showered upon the four-legged guests at Downtown Dogs. This unassuming yet powerful image serves as a reminder of the daycare’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable haven for dogs of all breeds.

The logo design aimed to evoke a sense of anticipation and joy in pet owners, inspiring memories of playful camaraderie and cherished moments shared with their beloved companions. It extends an invitation, inviting trust in the expertise and dedication of the daycare’s team, knowing that pets will be cared for with utmost love and attention.

The sign for Downtown Dogs effectively communicates a joyful and welcoming environment through the image of a happy dog with an eye-catching touch of red on the tongue. Constructed with polycarbonate faces and aluminum extrusion, it ensures durability and weather resistance for LED lighting. Positioned strategically, it maximizes visibility from all directions to attract potential customers. A reliable representation of Downtown Dogs’ quality and offerings.

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