A Welcoming Smile

A smile has long been a common symbol in dental branding, epitomizing the ultimate goal of dental treatment: achieving a healthy and attractive smile. However, the ubiquity of this symbol has diminished its impact, posing a challenge for dental practices seeking to distinguish themselves in a saturated market. When tasked with creating a logo for Dr. Kujak’s dental practice, I was determined to avoid the cliché and develop something truly unique. Understanding that Dr. Kujak is an orthodontist, specializing in the alignment of teeth, I incorporated this expertise into the design.

The solution involved crafting a distinct implied smile utilizing a gracefully curved row of braces. This creative approach fulfilled Dr. Kujak’s desire for a smile symbol and effectively conveyed his orthodontic specialization. By incorporating braces into the design, they visually communicated Dr. Kujak’s role as an orthodontist who skillfully transforms misaligned teeth into radiant smiles.

The monument sign, designed to sit on a sturdy brick base, is positioned strategically at the eye level of passing vehicles for optimum visibility. Its face is made of 0.125-inch thick routed aluminum, a choice that ensures both durability and adaptability.

A distinctive characteristic is the push-through acrylic letters, crafted from weather-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). These 3/4″ thick letters, extending from the aluminum surface, contribute a unique depth to the design.

These acrylic letters are covered with a layer of translucent 3M vinyl, enhancing their visibility when the sign is illuminated. This layer also adds durability and color retention to the letters, helping maintain their appearance over time.

This logo successfully set Dr. Kujak’s practice apart from the competition, offering a refreshing and memorable representation of a dental practice dedicated to crafting beautiful smiles through orthodontic expertise.

The sign incorporates an internal LED lighting system. This efficient and economical illumination choice, known for its low power consumption and longevity, brings a visually pleasing color display to the acrylic letters. The LED lighting also creates an elegant halo effect around these letters when lit during the night.

Being two-sided, the monument sign efficiently communicates to vehicles traveling in either direction. Its design, features, and strategic positioning maximize visibility, creating an engaging visual effect for passing traffic.

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